1. What is RegulationRoom?

    What is RegulationRoom? Here you get a real voice in government decisionmaking--and are part of research that improves public participation. Read More
  2. What is rulemaking?

    What is rulemaking? Learn about the process that helps make the law--and that you have the right to be part of. Read More
  3. What is effective commenting?

    What is effective commenting? Discover how to make comments that count--and maybe change the outcome! Read More
  4. Why participate?

    Why should you participate? When you comment, the government has to listen. One good comment can change the outcome. Read More

All good things must end.

The RegulationRoom project has come to an end.  Thanks to our primary funders, the National Science Foundation and Cornell Law School, and to the officials at our partner agencies who took the chance on making this work in live rulemakings. Special thanks to Neil Eisner, a visionary in the trenches; Eddie Tejada, whose tech wizardry and enthusiasm got us off the ground; and Austin Eustice, whose creative eye gave SmartParticipation a personality.

Keep the dream alive. Go to SmartParticipation.com to get

  • the open source version of the SmartParticipation platform
  • help setting up and operating the platform
  • research data from CeRI-sponsored discussions on the platform
  • CeRI publications about the platform and online public policy deliberation

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