The Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative brings together faculty and students from Communications, Computing and Information Science, Law, and the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. We consult and engage in theoretical and applied research about using technology to make policymaking more democratic, efficient, and effective.

CeRI Researchers

Claire Cardie

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Science

Claire Cardie is an internationally renowned expert in the area of natural language processing, her work develops algorithms and systems that improve a user’s ability to find, absorb, and extract information from on-line text.

Dan Cosley

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Science

Dan Cosley is a senior researcher in CeRI. He is an Assistant Professor, Information Science at Cornell University. Dan's main interest for a long time has been helping people make sense of and manage information, both individually and as groups. More recently this has grown to include leveraging people’s current behaviors online, along with social science theory, to produce individual and social goods that otherwise would not have been created.

Cynthia Farina

McRoberts Research Professor in Administration of the Law

Cynthia Farina is a principal researcher in CeRI. She is the McRoberts Research Professor in Administration of the Law at Cornell University. Co-author with Peter Strauss (Columbia) and Todd Rakoff (Harvard) of the leading casebook in administrative law, she is also a Lifetime Fellow of the Administrative Law Section of the American Bar Association and a member of the Administrative Conference of the United States. Cynthia was the Reporter for the Committee on the Status and Future of the Federal eRulemaking Project, a national blue ribbon commission that evaluated, the federal government’s official online rulemaking site.

Susan Fussell

Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and Department of Information Science

Susan Fussell research focuses on interpersonal communication in face-to-face and computer-mediated contexts. Her goals are to enhance our theoretical understanding of the mechanisms involved in conversational discourse and to apply this theory to the design and evaluation of new communications technologies.

Sally Klingel

Director of Labor-Management Programs, Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolultion

Sally Klingel is a senior researcher in CeRI. She is the director of labor-management programs for the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution in the ILR School at Cornell University. Sally specializes in the design and implementation of collaborative conflict and negotiation processes in public and private sector workplaces, state and local government entities, and not-for-profit organizations.

Gilly Leshed

Visiting assistant professor, Department of Information Science

Gilly Leshed is a specialist in human-computer interaction and computer-supported cooperative work, she studies how individuals and groups accomplish tasks and how technology can support these interactions.

Charles Whitehead

Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

Charles Whitehead specializes in the law of financial markets, financial regulation and corporate governance, he is part of the leadership team of the Clarke Business Law Institute at Cornell.

Other Senior Personnel

Mary Newhart, Executive Director of CeRI, came to the team from the Scheinman Institute for Conflict Resolution in the ILR School. Her research focuses on the application of traditional group facilitation techniques to the online environment and the use of technology to support asynchronous consensus building.

Paul Miller is a communications specialist for the Legal Information Institute (LII). For the last 15 years he has worked exclusively in the non-profit sector, specializing in strategic communications planning that leverages emerging technologies to strengthen relationships between organizations and their audiences.

Brian Post is the Lead Technologist for CeRI. He has developed web-based solutions for a variety of environments including corporate, small business, and start-up. In his current role, he supports CeRI research through enhancement and further development of their custom platforms and applications.

Post-Graduate Fellows and Graduate Students

Cheryl Blake is the 2013-15 e-Government Fellow at Cornell Law School. She has worked with the CeRI project since May 2011. Cheryl received her J.D. cum laude from Cornell Law School in 2013.

Chaebong Nam is the 2014-2015 CeRI Postdoctoral Fellow. She received her PhD in Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her research focuses on community informatics (technology-based community inquiry) and civic learning in the digital age.

Saeed Abdullah is a PhD student in the department of Information Science. His research focuses on machine learning and social network analysis.

Brian McInnis studies team problem solving and group dynamics through doctoral research as part of the Cornell University, Information Science Department. Prior to Cornell, Brian researched issues in K-12 education policy, national security, and predictive policing through work at the RAND Corporation (2009 – 2013). Otherwise, Brian enjoys long walks on the beach, baking bread, and big data.

Elizabeth Murnane is a PhD student in the department of Information Science. She studies how systems can be made more aware of individual users’ abilities, activities, contexts, and social connections.

Joon Park is a PhD student in the department of Computer Science. His research focuses on the use of natural language processing to identify substantiation of claims in online text.

Josiah Heidt is an affiliated researcher with CeRI and was the 2011-2012 e-Government Fellow at the Cornell Law School. He is currently a Judicial Law Clerk at United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia and serves as the co-chair for the ABA's Administrative Law Section's e-Government Committee.

Jackeline Solivan is an affiliated researcher with CeRI and was the 2012-13 e-Government Fellow at the Cornell Law School. She is currently a staff attorney with Legal Services NYC.

Rebecca Vernon is an affiliated researcher with CeRI and was the 2010-2011 e-Government Fellow at the Cornell Law School. She is currently a Program Officer, Consultant, and Legal Fellow at the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative. Rebecca, who has been part of the RegulationRoom project from the outset, has presented research from the project to the American Bar Association’s Administrative Law Division Conference, as well as to several smaller groups of government agency experts.

The Student Team

Diane Furstenau

Dillon Horne

Rose Petoskey

Alex Poe

Gregory Renick

John-Alex Shoaff

Tristan Welham

Shuting Yang